Saturday, June 06, 2009


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Opening a mission to write a new chapter on Islam and the West, President Barack Obama consulted Wednesday with the Saudi king "in the place where Islam began," prelude to a high-stakes speech in Egypt meant to ease long-held Muslim grievances against the United States.
The son of a Kenyan Muslim who lived part of his childhood in Muslim-majority Indonesia, Obama planned what aides called a "truth-telling" address on Thursday, aimed directly at the world's 1.5 billion Muslims. Many harbor animosity toward the U.S. over its staunch support for Israel, its terrorist-fighting policies and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many Americans, likewise, formed negative perceptions of the Muslim world after the 9/11 attacks.
Gee, I wonder why we have such a negative image of muslims? Could it be the bombing of the American Embassies all over the mideast and Africa? The bombing of the Marine Barracks? The attack on the USS Cole? The beheadings of Americans? The attack on the World Trade Center - twice?
And you want to make friends with these motherfuckers????
Kiss my ass!

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Tattoo Jim said...

Bet your ass, Obama, you can say what you think, but that isn't what American's think... get a clue, dumbass, THEY WANT TO KILL US, DESTROY DEMOCRACY, DO AWAY WITH THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE... THAT WHOLE FREEDOM THING... is any of thing getting through that thick head of yours or are you too busy selling the U.S.A out??????