Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ibeam's bass

Caught this beauty yesterday after work in a very small pond that's in the woods next to my house. For New York State, this is a pretty decent sized Largemouth. Unfortunately, I got him fishing with live shiners. 90% of the time I fish lures, but the last two weeks here have been on the cold side and the bass haven't been hitting anything. I've thrown rubber worms, floating rapalas, and spinners at them, which usually land me at least 6 bass and a bunch of yellow perch and crappie, but they haven't been hitting anything. So I broke down, picked up a bunch of medium sized shinners, and those have been doing the trick.
Hope that you are well and keep up your blog! I look at it several times a day for a good laugh and perhaps a glance at a hot babe or two!
Ibeam's a good friend of mine, known him for several years now.
Nice fish, Bro. With just that one, you've got more bass than I have this year......