Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mark's guns too

Left to right

Mossberg 12 ga
Not sure .410
Browning BPS 12 ga High Capacity
PSL-54C Dragunov clone 7.62 x 54R
Romanian AK 47 7.62 x 39
Mossberg plinkster .22
Taurus pump .22
Bushmaster A/R 15 modified for 7.62 x 39
.30 cal M1 carbine
Mini 14 .223
Steyr Mannlicher Scout rifle in 450 Marlin

Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45 ACP
Keltec PF9 9mm
Taurus .357 snubby
Smith & Wesson .38 airweight
Taurus PT1911 .45 ACP
Magnum Research BFR 450 in .450 Marlin

Hope you like the pics.

I like, I like!
Thanks for sharing, Mark.


Tattoo Jim said...

Oh hell yes!!! Now that will perk you up first thing in the morning!!! Sweet Mark!!! Sweet!!!

dana said...

A man with a Mossberg is a man after my heart.

dana said...

I just looked again. I have the Tauruss .357 snubby and it was stolen, then found by the police, thrown into rivermud. WHO would do such a thing! I'm on vacation, and where I go, it goes.

Will said...

O.K., Mark's on my side to.

Anonymous said...

I'm now less the Mossberg, I gave it to my daugher last weekend. Leaves room in the safe for something new!!


Anonymous said...

Love the flowery decor. Just *so* butch!

Anonymous said...

Hey Butch,

I share my life, home and bedroom with a very feminine woman, whom I love very much.

Who do you share your mom's basement with?