Monday, June 15, 2009

Parrothead Jeff's Guns

Hey there, Wirecutter! Parrothead Jeff here stopping by to say hi and tell you I love the blog ;-)
So you asked for pictures of guns? I've got a couple for you. Feel free to use all or none. I've added descriptions and links to the original posts on my blog in case you'd like to see more.
Here's the info from my blog post about the guns on the couch:
From left to right are my Century M70AB1, Marlin Model 60, Swiss K-31, Hi-Point C9, Steyr M95, M91/30, and M44.
The Century M70AB1 is a semi-auto version of the Yugoslavian AK-47 which uses many parts of an original Yugo AK, but on a U.S. made semi-auto receiver with a U.S. made barrel and several other U.S. parts. The Marlin Model 60 is a semi-auto .22 rifle which I got from Grandpa via Mom and Dad for my 18th birthday. The K31 once belonged to the Swiss Army and is one of two straight-pull bolt action rifles I own. The Hi-Point C9 is a 9mm semi-auto pistol I paid $120 new for at Ace Hardware in Overton, NV and which has been trouble free for over 1600 rounds. The Steyr M95 was the WWI battle rifle of the Austro-Hungarian Army and was used by several countries for non-front line service through WWII. The Mosin Nagant 91/30 as used by Russia in both World Wars. The M-44 served with the Russian Army in WWII.
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Next, the info for the revolver:
Yep, I’d made my decision and in the end it was the Heritage Rough Rider that won me over on the merits. It cost about $200 ($150 less than a Ruger Mark III), shoots darn near every type of .22 made (even the really cheap stuff that doesn’t like to work in semi-autos), and it has a nostalgic feeling about it.
I debated the question of fixed sights vs. adjustable sights for quite some time. The fixed sights look right. They’re what are supposed to be on the gun. The problem was that they just don’t hold a candle to the adjustable sights when it comes time to pull the trigger. I finally came to the conclusion that I was buying this gun first and foremost to shoot so I would deal with the adjustable sights.
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Thanks for the pictures, Jeff!