Saturday, June 13, 2009

Will's guns

Alright,I've taken some pictures of some of my guns for ya.
Right to left.....
First one is a 22 cal. Little Champ that my 3 boys use for target practice.
Next is a Marlin 30\30 that I hunt with religiously... awsome gun!
Then a Traditions 50 cal. muzzleloader.
The Ruger 10\22 with 30 round clip (also have a 10 round clip but dont the 30 make it look badass?)
Next is a Revelations model 870 12 gauge sawed off.......hits anything within a 30 yard area.
Then a Rossi 243 that has a interchangeable 20 gauge barrel.
The next one is the first gun I ever owned, it's a single shot Springfield model 951 410. Made by Savage Arms, got it when I was 7.
The last 2 are a daisy Red Ryder bb gun and a pellet gun that the boys said I had to include in the picture.

The other picture is of a Magtech model 199 single shot break over 20 gauge that my ex-father in-law gave me. I'm in the process of re-doing it because it was in a house fire and he said he wasn't going to mess with it. I'll fix it and give it to one of the boys.......some day.
I've got more guns that I'll get pictures of later, send 'em to ya then.
Take care man,

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Tattoo Jim said...

Better watch those Red Ryder's and the pellet gun... Deb might be sneaking about... Nice hardware Will!!!