Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cbullitt from.......

As I used to tell women in bars back in the 70s, I am from the future and I'm back here doing anthropological research. At the time, the research was mostly on mating habits and recreational chemistry. Now, however, I am assigned to the Steel Buckle of the Rust Belt. Don't know who I pissed off, but so be it. I am surrounded by a stateful of blind lemmings who do the Dems bidding. Some, who in all other ways are smart and successful, think noting His Wholly Reluctance God/King Obama's communism, amateurism, hatred of America, and bumbling ineptitude is heresy.I don't know what I'm supposed to be researching here other than collective suicide, but I am posing as a married man with two children to document the whole thing.
The real reason I am responding is to get your email, so I can send you goofiness that doesn't lend itself to my blog.

Other than the fact that the Chinese owned all the liquor stores in LA, California was still fairly cool back in the late 70s, I had some fun out there. What the fuck happened?

God, I miss Reagan.........

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cbullitt said...

Well, since no one else will...
My God, I've never read such genius. I guess I'll just have to go to SOYLENT GREEN at to find more of this premium caliber prose.
Now back to your regular programming.