Monday, June 08, 2009

Yeah. What he said.


Will said...

Would he be president if he wasn't black\half black\half honky\half rag head\all motherfucker? Why is it that when someone is half black they call their self black? Is it for the special "minority" treatment? My motherfuckin' white ass don't ever get no special treatment........because it's white! I earn every motherfuckin' thing i get!
O.K. i'm done ventin' now.

Tattoo Jim said...

The economy hasn't died... oh no, not by a long shot! It's "living" a horrid existence that our children, their children and on and on will be keeping on life support because the liberals did their usual "throw more money at it, that will fix it" routine. Sad thing is their taxes that pay this shit off will be going to China, Saudia Arabia, and every other bunch of fuckers that will have not trouble reminding us that they own a big chunk of the U.S.!! But the lib's will say "they saved us in our time of need"... assholes!!!
k... I'm done ventin' too...