Friday, June 05, 2009

Yolo from.........

So here goes my life story in short;
Yolo stands for You Only Live Once, this attitude has taken me many places in my 49 yrs. young time,
many of them wild crazy and scary but ALWAYS worth it, no regrets.
I live on a strict diet of hyperbole, humor and sarcasm, it's very slimming and fairly amusing.
An unapologetic dipshit,and don't even get into the blond jokes with that admission!,
I have more vices than I have virtues. I basically have the musical taste
of an adolescent boy but I don't have a taste for adolescent boys, I leave that to Michael Jackson.
I like full fledged grown up men...well you know the kind with hair in their special places,
bellies that show a good beer drinkin time,
have separated from their mommy and their buddies, but still do stupid silly shit.
I am a caterer, and actually love my job and am grateful I have one, everyone always wants
to eat and party!
I don't have any guns but grew up with them.
Well that pretty well wraps up me, I'm just here for the ride, and what a ride its' been!!!!

I sent a pic of me that was thrown thru photofun, it takes out the wrinkles!! :)
YOLO is one of the main contibutors of my blog as y'all might know.