Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bacon Ice Cream? Yeah, baby.....

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Beverly in Phoenix

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- From bacon shakes to beer flavored ice cream, wacky flavors are proving to be a crowd favorite.
For Moo Creamery in the southwest, experimenting with different flavors has worked out in their favor.
Jalapeno cream cheese with a raspberry swirl is the newest flavor for the summer.
Jessica Pounds, owner of the restaurant, said it's all about experimenting.
"Playing around in the kitchen or when we're making pastries, coming up with different flavor combinations and turning into ice cream."
An experiment with a breakfast favorite has become a treat to many palates.
"A friend of mine loves bacon on everything, so she had asked me to make bacon ice cream. So I had a home ice cream maker and I made it and thought it was a terrible idea. So she had me try it and after three days of tasting it I finally thought it was good," said Pounds.
Amy Sakowski is not a huge fan of the bacon flavored ice cream but said the name is definitely true to taste.
"The ice cream tastes like vanilla and then salty. It tastes like breakfast, bacon," said Sakowski.
The restaurant makes nearly 100 gallons of ice cream a week, and most of the ingredients are homemade.
"We have no emulsifiers, stabilizers or unpronounceable words in our ice cream mixes," said Richard Yoshimura, owner of Moo Creamery.
The ice cream starts off as a custard like consistency made of cream, milk, egg yolks and sugar.
It's then poured into an ice cream maker, and 10 minutes later, it comes out like soft serve ice cream.
After adding a additional ingredients and mixed it is put in a freezer at 20 below temperatures for a few hours. After that, it is put in another freezer to soften so it's scoopable.
But it is a certain ingredient that can't be bought that Yoshimura said makes their ice cream different. "We give it a little love and a gourmet twist to it."


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