Wednesday, July 01, 2009

For Andy

Here's a funny for Andy... keep your humor man... we're thinking about you man...
-Tattoo Jim
Yeah, Bro. Keep your head up. It's one thing to lose a job over something you did, but you lost yours because of what somebody DIDN'T do.


Will said...

Absolutely, keep your humor and good spirit and life will finally hand you a good cold beer...enjoy!

Andy said...

roflmwao thanks guys..yeah im keepin the faith man i get my severance package over the course of 8 weeks plus my 401k plus unemployment (whick i plan to have a job and shouldnt need) ive got my resume' together and rents paid though july so its all good :) and if i cant find anything then theres that much more time to go shoot and fish! my 7mm has been calling my name to go to the range and the white bass have been hitting liek crazy

oh on a side note i was giving a brass casing stamped 1938 with a nazi eagle and VIII stamped on the head was told its a 30 cal bullet but i have no clue what the hell it shot out of i can take pics if any clues???