Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Dammit Andy, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! I'm sorry, Bro. Really I am.
I know you lost your job (FUCK YOU OBAMA!!!) and that's a hell of a birthday present, but I truly hope that it opens new doors for you.
Is that invite to go fishing with you next spring still open? I'm still planning to head to Texas for a vacation.


Will said...

Hell yeah, Happy Birthday Andy! Just always remember to reflect on last year and make sure this one is as good or better.

Anonymous said...

thanks!!!!!!!! this was actually the best birthdays ive had in a long time i got shit faced and went b day booty 3 times hell i even made the newsaper (that canned me) ive got a color photo in it and everything heres a link

yeah wirecutter that invites always open as long as you dont mind hanging out with a hellbilly from texas we will have to make it to the gun range and shoot some hi cap stuff i know how your cali's are limited to 10 rounds..and as far as fishing ..the catfish are biting good this time of year we are pulling 10 pounders out on a reg baisis from the bank