Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Holy Grail

The first thing I did this morning after leaving the house was to drive the 25 miles to Turlock and pick up the primers Stan had put back for me.
When he reached into his desk and pulled them out, I damned near wept. It was better than Christmas.
They cost me 60 some-odd bucks and change after taxes, but I would've given him $100 at this point.
God Bless you, Stan.


Andy said...

at first i said what the fuck are you using magnums for..then i remembers your 41...ive got 1000 small pistol i need to get rid of and around 1000 pieces of 9mm and 40s&w id sell dirt cheap

Will said...

cci is the best when it comes to primers, good choice.

Andy said...

i shoot cci thought my pistols and federal in my 308

wirecutter said...

I gotta tell ya, I have never had a problem with any brand of primers. Back when I had a chronograph, I tried checking to see if one brand or another affected my velocities in any way but could find no difference.
And with the thousands and thousands of rounds that I've loaded I have never had a single misfire.

Anonymous said...

Never had a problem with any brand.
Even some I picked up [small, magnum] that were at least ten years old.

Will said...

If you use muzzleloader caps, or can just get some to try, you can pop the caps of all brands and cci is by far the loudest and most powerful primer. I know this because i hunt with a muzzleloader 3 weeks out of the year and have tested all brands available here.
Actual bullet primers, which my dads muzzleloader requires, are the same way.