Saturday, August 29, 2009

Final thoughts on Fuckhead Ted

Hey Wirecutter, I hadda send this to you.
Enjoy, Murph

Now that the initiaI impact of hearing that Ted Kennedy's passing has eased, I am trying to compose a poem that marks milestones and scenarios denoting how he lived his life.
The news is still ringing in my ears and I am reaching out to trusted and well grounded friends to help me find the words that so far have escaped me.
I seek descriptors that rhyme with some early thoughts:
1) Hypocrite.
2) Whoremonger.
3) Cheater.
4) Drunk.
5) Scammer.
6) Arrogant.
7) Coward.
8) Politician.
9) Elitest.
10) Kennedy.

Thanks, Murph. I think this nailed it.


Sir Richard said...

You forgot traitor.

cbullitt said...

Dammit, Richard.

Deb said...

Can we add 'pompous ass' to the end of #6, 'cause 'arrogant' just doesn't cut it.

wirecutter said...

Somehow I knew Deb would get in on this.

Deb said...

Damn. I am so predictable.