Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hate tailgaters? Or cops?

Known as Crow's Feet, the one one the bottom is easy to make with some nails and a welder.
Bend the nails, cut the heads off and sharpen as shown then tack them together. If made right, they'll always land with one point up.
Don't take the same route home after dropping a handful in the road. It'll fuck up your day too.


Tattoo Jim said...

My mind just jumped... I'm driving on the beltway, 495, around D.C. and I toss our several hundred of these... man, the jail time would almost be worth it! Virginia, Maryland and D.C.!! Maybe my next trip up that way.... hmmmmmmm.......

HogWhitman said...

Sounds like a good idea, but the problem is that some innocent schmuck is likely to hit it too. I've been working on the whole idea for years and this one got tossed out early because of that.

There are other ways. Many of them. For now, they are locked inside my thoroughly evil brain, but they won't stay there forever. Wait'll they get a load of my EMP cannon. That'll show the bitches.

P.S. check this out...

wirecutter said...

Who gives a fuck about anybody else, Hog?
It's all about me.

wirecutter said...

Hog, toss out one.

HogWhitman said...

Ok, here's a small one along those same lines that you can't really hurt anybody with, but could sure mess-up their day.

I don't know how you guys feel about bicyclists, but the arrogant ones, the Critical Massholes pricks who think they own the road, irk me to no end.

Here's what you do: Go on them internet tubes and find a place that sells toy jacks... the kind with the ball that you bounce, etc. I got a couple dozen packs of them for about 20 cents/ea. Uhm, I mean a 'friend' of mine did that.

Now take a file and sharpen the points. There's six of them, but you only have to sharpen two, or you could do them all if you're feeling particularly evil. It doesn't really matter. Toss 'em into the bike lane during a big race or event and watch the fun start to happen a couple miles down the road. The nice thing is is that it doesn't affect cars. Just the annoying bikerz.

Or that's what I read somewhere. Or maybe I saw it on the Discovery Channel. I forget.

And the best part is: you get to keep the ball!

Just John said...

Just a bit of trivia, these are based on a medieval device known as a caltrop. Caltrops were larger versions of these and were used to thwart cavalry, as well as infantry. They were also used in WWII to slow down or stop amphibious assaults. Their design ensured that they could simply be thrown on the deck, and would always have a business end pointed up. Just a bit of FYI.

I love the idea of chucking a few of these out in key parts of the country but, with my luck, some busload of church kids would probably hit 'em.