Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hey, check this shit out.
I get about 40 emails a day from readers that are thoughtful enough to send me submissions.
Some of them I post, others I don't. Some of them I post right away, others I save for awhile. Almost all of them are appreciated.
Not that I don't like your submissions, but I can't publish everything I receive. Not to say that I don't get a kick out of some of them and pass them on to friends, but if I publish everything I get, not only will I piss a LOT of people off, but I won't have time for beer or bacon.

Some tips:
No nudity, guys - Sorry, but I have a lot of female readers that don't want to look at tits or pussy. Let's face it, would you want to see a bigger dick than yours on this site? Or any dick? Think before you answer.

No racism - While I post some racist shit, it's all in fun. And I pick on everybody. If you doubt that, click on the Okies or White Trash categories. If I suspect your submission is seriously racist, I'm bouncing it.

No liberal politics - I'm so goddamned Right Wing that I won't even make a left turn. I don't want to hear your left wing shit. Fuck off.

No anti Semitism - I have actually seen concentration camp sites when I was stationed in Europe. Them motherfuckers have had a hard row to hoe since the beginning of time. I ain't fucking with them folks.

Along the same lines - No White Power bullshit. I believe in White Pride, but I also believe in Black Pride, Brown Pride and Green Pride if there were such a thing. The key word here is PRIDE, not power. But I can't say I support Red Pride - while I have a considerable amount of Indian in me, my ex was almost full blooded Commanche and that woman was fucking crazy - turned me off to that shit.

Not that I've give you the no-nos, you can almost guarentee an immediate posting if you send me something that concerns White Trash, Bacon, Guns, dogs or a nice ass.