Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm plumb tuckered out

I spent the afternoon with my Brotherman Jerome at the State Fair in Sacramento today, meeting up with his wife later in the day.
Damn, we must've walked 5 miles, checked out some livestock (it's an Okie thing) and actually got to visit for more than 10 minutes without a boss coming up and telling us to go back to work.
And I got to see his lovely wife too, even got a nice hug from her.
I love them two to death.


Just John said...

I know a little bit about Okies. My pop is from a very small town that isn't too far from Muskogee. I remember getting a haircut there one summer, and having the barber tell me a few stories about when my dad was a kid. What a hoot!

Brian said...

Tell the truth, it was the sheep that revved up your motor.

wirecutter said...

Goats too.