Monday, August 03, 2009

My weekend

Things I got done this weekend:
-Mowed my yard, front AND back, then re-seeded where it was needed. This may not sound like much, but it's a double lot and I'm lazy.
-Cut down and applied brush killer to the stumps of the pesky trees that divide mine and the neighbor's property. When I moved in, the trees were there and I have been trying half-assed to get rid of them. I finally got serious about it.
-Did the same to the fig tree that keeps pushing my fence down on the other side of the yard. I hate that fucking tree.
-Cleaned house. I mean REALLY cleaned my house. Of course you can't really tell now......
-Fixed the leaky faucet in the bathroom. Plumbing is not one of my strongest skills.
-Balanced my checkbook. Again, not one of my strong skills.
-Shopped enough for 2 weeks.
-Reloaded all my empty 41 magnum brass.
-Flyfished the Merced River for a couple hours. Didn't catch shit.

Maybe next week I'll shave.


Will said...

We had about half of the whole damn family over saturday for a shrimp boil....50lbs of shrimp, 40lbs of fish (that WAS NOT released back to the bigger fish) and all the fixins. My sunday was a drag...pickin up after all those bastards is a chore! I'll send ya some pics.

Will said...

Oh yeah....did i mention we bought 10 30 packs of beer? Fuckin great party! 22 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of wiskey, and 6 gallons of margaritas....i think somebody even brought a goddamn coke for some reason...oh yeah, to mix the whiskey for the i say again "great party".

badgirl33 said...

seems u two had a lot of fun :)