Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A sobering image

My bud Brian (Franklin's Daddy) recently went to DC.
Here's the only picture of his visit that he sent.
And when you think about it, it was the only picture that he needed to send. I mean, you can see all the sights, visit all the monuments, go to the museums, everything, but if it wasn't for the Men and Women that have sacrificed their lives for our wonderful Nation, we wouldn't have any of it.
Thanks, Brian


Will said...

well put!

Karen said...

I live about 90 minutes from D.C. and have been blessed with several trips to Arlington Cemetery. Yes, blessed. (I know which side my bread is buttered on.) And I will go back many times.

These young men practice what I am sure seems like endless hours, to perform their duty, guarding the Unknowns, perfectly. Each of the 21 steps are measured and counted. Each movement is measured and counted. And NOTHING distracts them from their duty. (As a teacher, I wonder what we will do in the future since the ADHD excuse has taken the place of discipline.)

For me, there aren't words to describe the feeling of watching these young men. Are they awesome? You bet. But awesome is simply an understatement.

I have also seen the changing of the wreath. This ceremony is a site to behold also. It is only marred by the guests who don't understand the importance, the respect, the courage, and the sacrifices that the Tombs of the Unknowns represent. (It is NOT a place for a fussy baby to be so take a hint, folks.)

I have been there when there is a handful of people and I have been there in the middle of American Veterans. I always leave in tears and more so when I respectfully allow the Veterans to leave first.

I have also had the privilege of feeding two of these young men. And would do it again in heartbeat.

Yes, JFK’s grave site is around the corner, but it is nothing compare to the Unknowns.

If you are ever dragging your knuckles on the East Coast, you MUST go to the Tombs of the Unknowns.

You will leave a changed American.

Hillbilly Girl said...

Salute! from a Navy veteran.

Your article was a refreshing change from the 'bad American' posts that I've encountered the last couple weeks.

Thanks also to Will and Karen, who took the time to comment on this thought-provoking picture and article. Americans need to be vocal about their patriotism, especially now.

Tattoo Jim said...

Amen Karen... very well said, very well written... with all the "news" of Michael Jackson, Michael Vick, Obama, Ted Kennedy, etc., etc.,... we seem to forget who our true hero's are... sad...