Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted's dead! And I'm glad!

Man, I've been waiting all fucking day to make this post.

Some thoughts on the subject:
First of all, I wish no ill will on anybody. But he was already sick, so what the fuck.

We've burned through John, Robert, and now Edward. Are there any more out there? Is the United States FINALLY safe fron Kennedy liberalism?

I can just picture Mary Jo waiting for him in the afterlife saying "Mmmhmm, now you're gonna be MY bitch........"

The Modesto Bee actually mentioned some of his faults - in short, he was a drunken whoremongerer. I bet him and Bill Clinton got along just fine.


Deb said...

Are you familiar with talk show host/Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr? Wonderful Teddy bashing for many years. Hit Google for lots of stuff on that. Carr is syndicated, so maybe you hear him out there in CA. If not, check out his stuff in the Boston Herald:

wirecutter said...

Deb, You Rock!!!!!
Somebody from Boston actually hates a Kennedy? DAMN!!!!!!

The Angry Patriot said...

I'm with you. While his brothers got nipped early on, ol' Teddy managed to hang in there and fuck us for something like 47 years.
Good riddance to a no good commie prick.

wirecutter said...

Amen, AP.
My only regret is that he didn't hang on long enough to see his Health Bill bite the dust.
But as Woody pointed out to me today, he went to the Mayo Clinic for treatment. How many of us would have that option if his bill passed?

Deb said...

That whoring scum bag murderer should have gone through a murder trial for leaving Mary-Jo in that car to die. Autopsy results stated she lived a rather long time in that car before drowning, while Teddy was home taking a hot shower and planning press strategies on his dive off the bridge. I don't know any one from MA that liked him...other than those who benefited - the welfare and minority folks.

Anonymous said...

Glory Day! So glad that mean, drunken, atheist, Satan worshipper is DEAD! America has finally taken an enema and got rid of the bile plaguing its bowels for so many decades!

Anonymous said...

Atheist and you want to re-think that?

Anyway, you left out "terrorist-supporting".

Will said...

He was a POLATISHUN. Fuck him for change.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in New England for many years and now live about 10 miles west of Boston in a very left-wing establishment city, the home of Kennedy's fellow reprobate Barney Fwank. I can assure you there are many, many people who live here in Mass. as well as the rest of NE who despise all the Kennedys and bid them good riddance as they die off. Do NOT believe the MSM Soviet propaganda that everyone here loves the scumbags, false. The Kennedys, Boston Globe, NYT, MSM etc. have had a lock on public opinion and govt. in the Northeast for years and have only allowed for one public face to be shown i.e. that everyone here is left-wing establishment, communist sympathizer etc. That is and always has been false and what is left is now rapidly crumbling because of three things: 1.) The death of the Kennedy "dynasty" and therefore their political power, good riddance. 2.) The pending financial bankruptcy of the Boston Globe and their keepers at the NYT, the U.S. left-wing establishment's version of Pravda. 3.) The financial bankruptcy of govt. at every level; federal, state and local. Although the financial problems here are not nearly as dire as in Cal. and other states those sucking on the govt. tit are about to get it in the neck as the money goes bad. They have no plan 'B', nothing in reserve, no skills and nothing to fall back on. They will turn on their govt. masters like one of Mike Vick's pit bulls on steroids.