Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ya think?

I opened the paper this morning while sitting on the can (I read it there so I can REALLY express my opinion on current events) and saw where Fuckhead Obama's Town Hall meeting was calm, even subdued.
When I get home, I pop a beer (So I can forget about current events) and turn on the news and hear the same thing.
Okay, two things:
One, do you honestly think that they let just anybody into the room? Seriously, do you think they would've allowed me or Woody in? Me, maybe. Woody? Yeah, right. If you knew Woody, you'd understand.
Two, ANYBODY is going to be calm and subdued when you've been searched, quizzed and God knows what else, then surrounded by his henchmen armed with Uzis and (again) God knows what else?
Except Woody.