Friday, September 04, 2009

Andy! You're back!!

You and Tattoo Jim dropped out of sight about the same time.
Do me a favor and wake his ass up. I miss his comments too.


Andy said...

yeah i moved to marble falls its a small town of around 5000 but there is some of the best fishing in texas down here i was without internet for a couple of weeks but we are back in action now!

il try to send in some tweeker pics theres a few good ones down here

Tattoo Jim said...

I've had family and friends down here at the beach for the last week... no sooner did they leave and I came down with the worst sinus infection I've ever had... the right side of my face, not to pretty to start with, popped up to the size of a basketball... still pretty swollen but going back down so I've finally felt like getting off my butt... it was nice seeing my "grandson" again thought... he's just so cute!!!!!!!!!