Saturday, September 05, 2009

I may be pregnant

I have had an almost uncontrollable craving for tomatoes and mayonnaise lately.
I've always liked tomatoes and mayonnaise but this is starting to get out of hand. My diet lately has been almost exclusively sandwiches with mayo slopped on and pizza, with sliced tomatoes mixed in.
God help me, I've even considered soiling my bacon sandwiches with tomatoes and mayonnaise.
Does anybody know of a support group?


Will said...

I dont see nothin wrong with mators and mayo. Bacon is just a poor mans caviar and you just have to consider that an "extra" treat.

YOLO said...

I think you ARE pregnant!!! and i think you should have that little bugger, come on, it will be fun, we will all come in the labor room to cheer you on! And just think of all the "aunts" and "uncles" the little tyke will have, Tattoo Jim can play grandpa.... we can even pick the name out! Come on people, what should we name the little devil??

mugley said...

yolo, if they circumcise him, we can call him Cut Wire.

I love a good mater, mayo and bacon sammich!!!

better than steak on the grill on a hot days

Tattoo Jim said...

YOLO has got one of the most twisted minds I've ever seen... I, for one, would NOT want to be in the labor room for THAT delivery!!! No way do I want to see where it comes from... that, alone, should be a hint as to it's name... I'll just call it "Butty"....

you really scare me YOLO... you know that, don't you?????