Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's been 2 months since I got laid

I'm in Barnes & Noble's Current Event section today flipping through an Ann Coulter book when this sweetie walks up next to me.
After a couple of seconds she says "I usually don't do this but I saw you walking in and I have to say that the way you swagger when you walk is very hot."

Fuck, Lady. I'm reading Miss Ann.
"That's because my goddamn feet hurt."

So tonight, I'm home alone again. Reading Ann Coulter. By myself.


Andy said...

dude when you come out to texas next spring/summer i will make shure you get some good texas loving (not from me though i dont swing that way)

Brian said...

I guess you forgot that GOD gave men brain and a dick but only enough blood to run one at a time.

Dan O. said...

Gee, and it's only been TWO months? lol

hubbs said...

who the fuck is Ann Coulter?

from experience: if dumb things have a habit of coming out of your mouth, you are better off sticking with the dark mysterious smirk and not saying a word.

word verification = spyron

is this some new fangled space age material i have never heard of?

wirecutter said...


Lula said...

Did my Hubbs just ask who Ann Coulter is?

wirecutter said...

Shhhhh, Lula. I educated him. Please don't head-punch him.