Monday, September 14, 2009

Our future politicians


Beaner said...

These young idiots with heads full of mush were brainwashed either by some Marxist pseudo-intellect "Teacher" or my some hippy dippy collectivist loving Pinko parent with nothing better to do than fill their kids heads full of proletariat progressivist bullshit. Too bed we can't beat the little bastards on the street.

Beaner said...

And beat their parents for being complete and utter Douchebags for allowing this type of shit.

wirecutter said...

Damn, Beaner.
There's too many big words for my beer-soaked brain to comprehend.
Tone it down a bit for me, will ya, Bro?
Besides, their parents were probably educated at Berkeley. We all know that's a hotbed of soliciasm.
Fucking commies.....