Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watch for smoke, too

Okay, it's come to my attention the past couple of days that there are some seriously stupid fucking people out there.
One of the things that got me to thinking is the article in the post below this one. And I'm going to get back to that later.
The other one that grabbed my attention is this: A while back about dusk I was kicking back enjoying some cold liquid refreshments and somebody knocks on my door. This is unusual because NOBODY comes over to my house unless they call first and secondly, I don't have any fucking friends anymore anyways. I don't know why.
"GO AWAY" I holler. They knock again.
Fuck. I put down my beer, pick up my revolver and open the door. There's a cutie in her early 20s standing there with 4 of her friends out by the curb.
"Good evening, sir. We're college students at MJC and we're trying to make some extra money painting house numbers on curbs and we just happened to notice that you don't have a lighted house number......"
"Yeah, I'm not interested. Go away." I don't believe they're college students anyway. If they really were, they'd be out drinking and smoking dope somewhere and listening to indy music instead of pestering me on a Friday night.
"But sir, what if your house were to catch fire? How would the fire department find your house?" she asks.
Jeez, your parents are supporting your dumb ass through college?
I just looked at her and said "They'd probably home in on the flames shooting through the roof, Sweetie."


Tattoo Jim said...

When she graduates, and I'm sure she will, she'll be able to say "you want fries with that" with a smile that will melt some young dude's heart... either that or she'll be working for some Democrat somewhere... higher education my ass...

Brian said...

Sarcasam Jist one more service you provide. Love it

Will said...

How would they get to your house? Duh, big red truck.