Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yesterday's Fuck You Obama post

Okay, I've been thinking on this shit all day long. Did I over-react? Am I wrong to think the way that I did?
Fuck no and hell no.
To me, when you offer/accept food from somebody or sit down to eat with them, it shows trust. That's the way I was brought up. Right or wrong, that's the way I am.
I have friends that I've known for years that I have never eaten with. Not that I wouldn't with some of them, but the opportunity has never arisen. And as a rule, I will not eat with or accept/offer food to somebody I don't know very well. The ONLY exception to that is when I met Lula and Hubbs (hers, not mine. I ain't that way) in Bodie and they graciously fed me. But for some reason, after only a few minutes, I felt like I've known and trusted them forever. Plus they gave me free beer.
Okay. For Obama to sit and eat with our Nation's enemies is completely unacceptable. You DO NOT accept nourishment from those that want to destroy you. Period. You tell them to go get fucked, turn your back and take your shit down the road.