Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yesterday's Fuck You Obama post

Okay, I've been thinking on this shit all day long. Did I over-react? Am I wrong to think the way that I did?
Fuck no and hell no.
To me, when you offer/accept food from somebody or sit down to eat with them, it shows trust. That's the way I was brought up. Right or wrong, that's the way I am.
I have friends that I've known for years that I have never eaten with. Not that I wouldn't with some of them, but the opportunity has never arisen. And as a rule, I will not eat with or accept/offer food to somebody I don't know very well. The ONLY exception to that is when I met Lula and Hubbs (hers, not mine. I ain't that way) in Bodie and they graciously fed me. But for some reason, after only a few minutes, I felt like I've known and trusted them forever. Plus they gave me free beer.
Okay. For Obama to sit and eat with our Nation's enemies is completely unacceptable. You DO NOT accept nourishment from those that want to destroy you. Period. You tell them to go get fucked, turn your back and take your shit down the road.


Lula said...

Well said again...and thank you!

I know exactly where you're coming from-and I see no over reaction AT ALL.

Dare I say-FUCK OBAMA!

wirecutter said...

You can say it, Girl.
And you did!

Just John said...

There's some things that I simply cannot say, because of my "employment situation." It is, however, gratifying to hear other people say these things. It's funny how the obvious can be so amusing.

Anonymous said...

It is all our fault. We were asleep at the switch and they out voted us, and now the cocksucker is the head 'brotha.
Ya gotta give 'em credit. They jacked us up while we were sleepin'.
We wake up slow, but we ARE waking up. I vote for some shredder from the sticks to repeal all the shit he'll cause and keep this Republic awake.
You wanta run Wirecutter?
I'll be your Tsar of interns, or beer, or like the ones in there now, bucks for nuthin.

Just John said...

That's a pleasant fiction, Anon. Unfortunately, the chronically lazy will continue to vote for the biggest handout. It's human nature.

wirecutter said...

Yeah Anon, I'll run.
But only if I can keep pigs in the White House garden, put bass in the reflecting pool, and fly the "Don't Tread On Me" flag under the Stars and Stripes.
Then I'm gonna nuke somebody just to show that there's some new blood in the Big House.

Scott in Vegas said...

Damned right Wirecutter! And this motherf@#$er refuses to attend the national prayer breakfast which pays tribute to all religions! What a hypocrite!
Another thing! Do you care to tell me just HOW muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our society? Name me ONE accomplishment of an American muslim that has significantly benefitted our country. I could name about 5000 Christians or Jews or even Hindus or Buddhists that I could say this about, but I can't think of ONE muslim!
Well said Wirecutter! Fuck Obama!