Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No rats in MY trailer park!

A year or so ago me and Brother Jerome were harassing each other, making comparisons on White Trash and 'Hood Rats, laughing about how much we were alike.
He brought up the fact that his people were crackheads, mine were tweekers, both of us had family that made a career out of welfare, how both of our people couldn't take a walk around the block unarmed, mismatched tires on our cars, how you could tell when it was the 15th or 1st of the month by all the folks sitting in lawn chairs next to the mailbox waiting for their government checks, etc, etc.
I had to stop him though, when he said something about us both having rats.
"Naw man, we ain't got no rats in the trailer park" I said.
"What you sayin', you got no rats in the trailer park?" he asked. "You're lyin' to me. I know y'all got rats, man."
"I'm tellin' you Bro, we don't have rats. But you oughta see the size of our motherfucking mice. They're damned near a foot long!"


Sir Richard said...

Truth. We all need more of it....

Tattoo Jim said...

Damn!!! Those are some big fuckin' mice...