Tuesday, December 29, 2009

He's not a terrorist?

You know what? It pisses me off that this motherfucker that attempted to blow up a plane on Christmas Day isn't considered a terrorist. True, he wasn't able to actually blow the plane up, thanks to passengers and Air Marshalls, but what he did was accomplish an act of terrorism.
If some poor asshole (or assholette) gets sick and tired of their spouse's shit, loses their temper and threatens to harm said spouse, the law charges them with terrorism. Yet a muslim tries to blow up a fucking airplane with 300+ souls on board and he didn't commit an act of terror?
Hey, him and his organization may not have killed anybody that time, but they have managed to thoroughly disrupt air travel, scared the dogshit out of the passengers on that flight, and piss me the fuck off all in one stroke.
Fuck you, Obama. Get off your ass, take this seriously, quit trying to make nice with our enemies, and put an end to this garbage.
Show them we're sick and tired of this shit.
Level Yemen. I mean it. Level that motherfucker. Make that country cease to exist. Point damned near every non-nuke missile we have at it and create the world's biggest sandstorm with a Time-on-Target strike - one big boom. Sand, shrapnel and camel parts everywhere.
But save a couple of them for Nigeria - I'm tired of getting spam from 'em.
Then make a shitload of more missiles for the next country that fucks with us.


Brian said...

You said it!!!

Lula said...


wirecutter said...

I don't know why, but I love the expression "Word"!

Bubbaearle said...

Take all them Muslim motherfuckers and feed'em to the hogs!

Libs decry "profiling" but they do it every chance they get to point out conservative 2A "homegrown terrorists".....remember the MO State Police memo?

Let's make all passengers eat a bacon sandwich before boarding the plane!

I say we all get together on the next major muslim holiday for a big'ole pork BBQ cook off outside the friendly neighborhood mosque....I can smell those little piggies cooking right now!!!

Tex said...

One of these days some towelhead is going to make a "false move" and 20+ redneck airtravelers are going to beat the living crap out of the guy in the middle of the aisle.

They should let all "Americans" (and by that I mean flag-loving Americans) carry a big stick or knife on board an aircraft. A couple of times of beating to death a muslim that decided to get up to piss at the wrong time, and we won't have much more of a problem.

drjim said...

It was just one passenger that subdued this guy. IIRC, there weren't any Air Marshals on the flight....

stevienatt said...

One person or ten people. They should have strangled that mother fucker right then and there.

wirecutter said...

No Air Marshalls on that flight? Motherfucker! That's what I get for watching liberal news.

As for the rest of the commenters up this point, I agree. And Bubbaearle, can I have 2 bacon sandwiches?

Deb said...

Stevienatt, if only that could be. Now we have to pay for a trial for the terrorist? What's to try? His underoos were in flames. What's his defense? That he's a hot shit? We need Charles Bronson.

wirecutter said...

We need Chuck Norris, Deb.