Sunday, December 13, 2009

I got me a NEW friend

I was sitting at a traffic light yesterday when all of a sudden my world was lit up with red and blue lights.
Fuck, I'm getting jammed up by the Man when I'm at a dead stop.
I was about 50 feet from the Savemart parking lot which was where I was headed anyways so I went on in there, made sure my gun was out of sight, killed the engine, flipped my keys up on the roof of my truck, put both hands on top of the steering wheel in plain sight and waited for the asshole to give me a hard time for sitting still at a red light.
I watched him in my mirror come up to my window grinning. Yeah, real funny, motherfucker. Like I can afford a ticket or bail money right before Christmas.
"Excuse me Sir, you didn't do anything wrong but I just have to ask about your bumper sticker" he says.
"Your 'Eff Obama' bumper sticker, Sir. Where did you get it?"
"You can say 'fuck', man. I'm a big boy. I got it online but I can't remember the website. Why, you want one?"
"Sure, I hate that son of a bitch too. That sticker is great!"
"I got an extra in my glove box. Can I get it?"
I reached into my glove box and handed him the one I carry just for that reason.
"Thanks" he says. "What do I owe you?"
"Nothing, man. But I'll give you 50 bucks if you put it on the back of your patrol car."
He actually thought about it for a minute........


ibeam said...

Ha ha! Great story, my friend!!!

Tattoo Jim said...

Awesome Ken! That had to make your day times 2!!!

The Stig said...

Gonna stick mine on my Ranger now.

Anonymous said...
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wirecutter said...

Hey Anonymous, I deleted your comment - not because of the content but because I don't allow anonymous comments. Read the text under "Leave your comment" and re-post it with a name.
BTW, my sticker is on my Ranger too.

Dan O. said...

fucking hilarious!

Deb said...

As we were all told when we were little kids, "The policeman is your friend." Great sticker, Ken! Ever think of sending one to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?