Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Whatever you do, DON'T FART!

Yeah, right

I told you the fuckers are evil!

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.....

Say Hey DK sent me this picture of a turkey done up right.
My local smut sheet actually published a recipe for this right before Thanksgiving and I was going to re-print it for y'all but I got fucked up and forgot.


Okay, I've heard enough shit about Tiger Woods and his accident. Not that I'm a fan of Tiger or even golf, but damn, every time I turn around it's Tiger Woods did this and Tiger Woods did that.
Let it fucking go, People. He's human and he fucks up. So what if his old lady chased him out of the house with a golf club and beat the shit out of him and his car with it.
Big deal. We've all been there and done that, right?

You got it coming, asshole

It's been 6 long days since I've posted and all I got to say is this:
Fuck You, Obama
Fuck You, Obama
Fuck You, Obama
Fuck You, Obama
Fuck You, Obama
Fuck You, Obama
Okay, I think I'm caught up now.

A new URL for a great site

Hey, be advised that Feed Your ADHD has moved, the new URL is:
I've updated the link on my blogroll, but if it doesn't work let me know.