Sunday, January 24, 2010

But it wasn't a terrorist attack.....

By PAUL SCHEMM, Associated Press Writer Paul Schemm, Associated Press Writer
CAIRO – Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the failed attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas in a new audio message released Sunday threatening more attacks on the United States.


Sir Richard said...

That sumbitch has been dead since Dec. '01. Enough with 'booga booga' bullshit! Still can't figure out why the government and the main stream media wants everybody to live in fear. Fuck those rag headed bastards...I for one ain't afraid and never will be...damnit!

Skip said...

As fucked up and PC the .gov is now, we will get hit again.
Until we make it a glass table over there, shit will happen.
And after we get hit, the cocksucker-in-charge will apologize.
It. Is. Time.