Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heh heh heh.....

A few weeks ago I was going through gun accessories on the web and ran across a Galco JAK holster that I just had to have, so I ordered one. When I got it I noticed a crack in the leather and sent it back, then promptly got put on backorder status. I ended up cancelling the sale and ordered directly from Galco.
I got my new holster Tuesday or Wednesday and tried it on only to find out that I was too fat for the damned thing. My belly roll pushed the slide of my 45 into my hip and the hammer dug into my side.
So I played around with it, wore it around the house and put a T-shirt under my regular shirt and finally got used to it.
That thing is so fucking concealable that with a slightly loose fitting shirt I can't even notice it in the mirror.
My Colt 45 Officer's Model in the rig:
Now you see it

Now you don't

Yes Deb, I know there's a hole in my shirt.

Now I know I don't notice it but will anybody else?
Today I put it to the test.
I wore it out in public today, taking it to places that people would go into a panic if they saw a gun.
Okay, I deleted the rest of this post when my loving mother pointed out that I had committed enough felonies to have the State of Kalifornia support me for the rest of my natural life.


Lula said...

That kicks ASS!

FatWhiteMan said...

Did they hear your steel balls clicking together when you walked?

Daver said...

By the time you lift your shirt to draw that thing you could be dead, I prefer a shoulder holster for my Glock 10MM, wearing a vest over my shirt in the summer kind of sucks, but I can have my gun fired in less than a second with my rig.

Skip said...

I'm with Daver.
Shoulder rig with a shirt over shirt.
Nelson rig clamshell is very fast but has a retention strap for strenuous activity.

wirecutter said...

Naw, I can't handle a shoulder rig.
Anything that goes across my back or goes over my shoulders irritates the hell out of me. I find myelf scratching and pawing my rig out of the way and that's a dead giveaway.
I can draw that 45 in less tha 1/2 a second even with a shirt. the shirt shift and draw is in one motion.
Different strokes for different folks. That's why they make different holsters.

Sir Richard said...

After the episode at the cop shop I'm glad you're not tellin' us about how bad a taser feels....

J'sWife said...

I'm doing wonderful. Now, when am I gonna get my pink one? Precious, you promised!!! The family misses you and hope everything is going well for you. Come get J anytime off my hands. He needs a break...and so do we. LOL!!!

J'sWife said...

...oh could've chosen a much better shirt. Now, is that a bullet hole, Precious?

Deb said...

The clean fingernail negates the holy shirt, so you're good.

Dan O. said...

Just love it when people tell you how wrong your rig is for YOU.

EVERYONE thinks theirs is the best. And it probably is. For them.