Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heh heh heh.....

A few weeks ago I was going through gun accessories on the web and ran across a Galco JAK holster that I just had to have, so I ordered one. When I got it I noticed a crack in the leather and sent it back, then promptly got put on backorder status. I ended up cancelling the sale and ordered directly from Galco.
I got my new holster Tuesday or Wednesday and tried it on only to find out that I was too fat for the damned thing. My belly roll pushed the slide of my 45 into my hip and the hammer dug into my side.
So I played around with it, wore it around the house and put a T-shirt under my regular shirt and finally got used to it.
That thing is so fucking concealable that with a slightly loose fitting shirt I can't even notice it in the mirror.
My Colt 45 Officer's Model in the rig:
Now you see it

Now you don't

Yes Deb, I know there's a hole in my shirt.

Now I know I don't notice it but will anybody else?
Today I put it to the test.
I wore it out in public today, taking it to places that people would go into a panic if they saw a gun.
Okay, I deleted the rest of this post when my loving mother pointed out that I had committed enough felonies to have the State of Kalifornia support me for the rest of my natural life.