Friday, January 22, 2010

A question for reloaders

For those of you that reload:
How many reloading manuals do you have? And what's your favorite? How many do you refer to when loading a new load?
Myself, I have 8. Three regular manuals and 5 caliber specific manuals. My favorite is my old standby, Speer #10 but my new Hornady is giving me lots of new information. I use at least 2 manuals when working up a new load and always go with the lesser max load when I get conflicting data.


Top of the Chain said...

I own two, a 49th edition Lyman and the free one that Hodgen's gives out. In using Lee dies, the pamphlet that comes with them has load data as well. Between those three sources I'll use the most convervative of them.

Anonymous said...

Only 1 manual - Speer (#13?) that came with my press/kit.

But I have plenty of powder-specific "pamphlets" like the Winchesster ones that show loads for their powders.

I cross-check the data between the two and start conservative.

Ted said...

Lyman, Nosler, Speer and Sierra. The ones I read the most are Ken Waters "Pet Loads" Vol 1 & 2

There are also a ton of useful sites online. If you need a few links let me know.

Skip said...

I have six, plus I check Load Data on line.
On new powder or bullet I go light and inch up.