Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It ain't often I reflect. It ain't often I'm sober enough to reflect.
But I gotta say that while Obama beating out a true American Patriot and winning the Presidential election was a fucking shock and bitter disappointment to me, I have to admit that it may be the best thing that's happened to this Country in a long time.
Think about it:
Americans are realizing that career politicians are pretty much full of shit.
Americans have realized that their vote is their voice - look how the Massholes proved that yesterday.
Americans are again taking pride in their Country and their Flag.
Americans have shown that they won't be pushed around by the officials that "represent" them.
Americans that voted for the Obamessiah are admitting they made a mistake.
And Americans are willing to stand up and rectify that mistake.
Vote your heart AND your mind in every election you can. An armed revolution is a last ditch effort. Use the tools given to you by our Founding Fathers. Stand up, speak up, cast your vote and let your voices be heard.


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother.

BillyBob said...

Well said Wirecutter, well said.

Tattoo Jim said...

Excellent, Wirecutter!! And you didn't even need a teleprompter...

wirecutter said...

Yeah Jim, but it took me an hour to get my thoughts straight.

Skip said...

Ok, now you can have a Bud.
It is kinda nice to see the people waking up.
If they can stay awake til November it will be cool times.

wirecutter said...

I ain't gonna have a Bud, Skip. I'm gonna have 21 (that's how many I have in my icebox) Buds. It's Friday!