Friday, February 05, 2010


Check this shit out.
If you want to leave a comment to my post, you're gonna see this:

This blog is not a forum. I have my views and I ain't changing them. Read my blog for enjoyment and take it the way it was meant - humor.
If I pissed you off, sorry 'bout that. Take your shitty comments down the road.
At least have the decency to make up a name if you're too chickenshit to leave your own.

Okay, If you have a shitty comment, leave a name even if it's an alias. I may keep it so that I can fuck with you, but if it's anonyomous I'm gonna delete it on account that it pisses Will off because you can't follow simple fucking directions.
Will takes this shit seriously 'cause he's a good ol' boy and knows how to follow rules.
Right on, Will!


da_truth36 said...

Was wondering what brought this on, then read the comments on the Roadhouse post. Will is pretty serious about that shit, isn't he?

wirecutter said...

Will don't fuck around.

The Real Will said...

I may take my Swayze serious, but i have a Knuckledraggin blog post with me in it now because of it now! That makes me a winner in my book. Gunna have to start posting as "the real Will" because people are sure to start fucking with my new celebrity status.

Anonymous said...

what are you trying to say with this post?

The Real Will said...

Got some funny readers here, wirecutter.