Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally, I'm done with this.

Okay, this is it. For real.
The first video is fucking hilarious, sent to me by Rick. I've been laughing about it all day.
The second one is an interview with the old man that kicked ass that I stole from Visual Consumer. Turns out there was more to the story than we could see.


VC said...

Dude, how can you be done with this?!?!? This is everything that is wrong with society.

"Reverse racism"--

or racism as it should be called. It goes all ways all colors.


young to old. Strong to weak.

Lack of courtesy --

umm, duh. (Him not you)

Lack of personal responsibility.--

When my ass needs kickin and my ass gets kicked I take it like a man.

Lack of community --

Some other "Youmg buck" or responsible citizen should have been pissed off and kicked his sorry little ass rather than let that dumbass disrespect what appeared to be an old man. My brothers would have tossed his ass off the mother fuckin bus in a heartbeat. (Or laughed uncontrollably as thet idiot got his ass handed to him by an "oldling")

Waste --

This country has the greatest freedoms in the world. Free education (Shut up critics-you make use of what you want to and apparently he didn't want to)

-- This country has a population of seniors being pushed aside as useless when they are a wealth of experience WISHING TO BE TAPPED ! ! ! The "Greatest generation" is dying off and being replaced by the selfish boomers and their gimme gimme kids.

I am a first generation American and I worked to attain what I have.

We are nowhere near done with this.

Fuck that little sissy uneducated bastard. The system didn't fail him. His parents failed and he disappointed his parents.

The world is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent what you do with it.

wirecutter said...

VC, I'm done with it because I've laughed so hard ever since I first saw it on your site that my face hurts. And people keep sending me more shit on it.
Fuck, I'm laughing now so hard I'm crying.
Yeah, hard as fuck......

Barack Obama said...

VC is a genius.

Anonymous said...

Saw another one of him at an A's game where he was raising hell with some cops to the point where they tasered his rowdy ass. Pretty funny too as he yells at them, "Don't feel a thing!!" till the prick zaps him in the back. Love that bat shit crazy bastard.

Sir Richard said...

Might as well find some humor in that situation. America is pretty goin' to hell in a hand basket anyway...damn I hope I'm wrong about that....

Bunk Strutts said...

Was the altercation stoopid? Yes. Especially when the other riders were goading them on with "Get that XXX." Was mashing RamJam's version of Ledbelly's "Black Betty" with this inappropriate? Absolutely.

Was it funny as hell?

Barry said...

I could watch this asshole get his ass kicked multiple times daily. Every person who visits my house gets the pleasure of viewing this while I laugh my ass off every fucking time, it's very pleasing & soothing. Sorry Buck, you had it coming.