Monday, March 08, 2010

Another one bites the dust

I got word earlier tonight that another friend of mine from back in my hell raising, partying days has died.
I took a few minutes to reflect on the times that we had, the people we knew, the dope we did.
Then I did my usual.
"Ha ha, I knew I'd outlive you, motherfucker!"


Skip said...

Shit Cutter,
The way we did our time,
its's lucky we are still here.
Hard life when we were bullet proof, did some good decisions later, did a coupla bad ones, fucked around, got in the wind for awhile, married wrong, married right later, good now.
It is nice to have a lil' 'spect when your old for the things youv'e killed for, loved for, and been spit on for.
'Cutter, I like your 'tude and I got your back Bro.

I think I'm a little bit drunk [Knob Creek will sneak up on ya}
Hey, I love ya man..............but ya can't have my Bud.

wirecutter said...

Right on, Skip. I couldn't have said it better myself, drunk or sober.

ibeam said...

Am right there with ya, buddy. You know of my background - similar to yours. Am glad the "bad ole days" are over and done with. I got wind last week that an old "running partner" is back in prison. Some just don't know when to put that shit down...

Lula said...

You're too ornery to pass that easily....I'm sorry for your loss though.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, Ibeam, I think out of my original crew of about 12, there's 3 of us left. Damn, the life sure took it's toll, didn't it?
Most of them died in their mid 30s, a couple in their 40s, and the last couple were in their early 60s.

steve tompkins said...

was this person from the germany era, or later?

Deb said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend. Satan cannot prepare enough for your arrival, so you're good for a while.

Will said...

Just enjoy your life while it's yours to enjoy! My cuzzin just shot his stupid ass self over a dumb bitch that could care less about his ass.
I live my life day to day and make sure I enjoy every damn day of it.
Oh, and's "honery", babe.

wirecutter said...

Steve, he was a running partner of my weed connection after I got out of the army in '81.