Saturday, March 27, 2010

I love life right now

I actually got a job to knock out a pack of coyotes this week.
An old friend called me up tonight tonight and she said that a pack of coyotes had killed her best bear hound and and a goat and she wanted them gone.
She lives on 30 acres, way out in the country, pastured and scrub oak bordered by a creek.
I'm headed out there tomorrow evening to get a lay of the land, sight in my hot-rod 22-250 and eat some pig with her and her daughter.
Next week, me and Pops are gonna wreak some havoc on that pack of coyotes.


Will said...

I've passed up alot of game for a shot at a coyote.....hate them fuckers.

wirecutter said...

Especially this time of the year when it's calving season.
Them dogs are destructive as hell.

Hog Whitman said...

I always wondered how my old dog Bruiser, a Danish Shepherd, knew that coyotes were something that he needed to kill. He liked other dogs and would not hurt them, unless they really fucked with him, but coyotes were free fire zones. I miss that old guy.

Skip said...

Ken, did ya reload the 250's or store bought?
If you an' Pop get lucky we need an AAR.

wirecutter said...

Skip, I bought 60 rounds of 22-250 for the brass. Once I fire a couple of boxes of those I'm gonna start loading for it.

Hog, my newest dog is friendly as hell towards other dogs and I was wondering how he would be as a kill dog - chasing wounded coyotes into their dens or cover to finish them. After reading your comments I'm gonna give him a whirl.