Friday, March 12, 2010

I've fallen and can't get up!

A few minutes ago I got a call from my neighbor, Jeannie. She's in her mid 60's with a prosthetic hip and uses one of those bad-ass scooters to walk her little pissed off terrier.
Anyways, Jeannie called and said that she'd fallen and couldn't get up. I hustled right over and helped her up, then visited for a minute.
My point is this: If you have an elderly neighbor, get on friendly terms with them, make that offer to help in an emergency and give them a number where you can be reached day or night. It's a very minor inconvenience to you but it may be a lifesaver for them.
And you have to make the offer. Don't expect them to ask you.


Deb said...

I knew you were a sweetheart (on the inside). Virginia, my former neighbor, stood out in her yard next door screaming my name again and again one day. I figured the voices in my head were in rare form. I looked out the window and there she was waving her arms and yelling for me. I ran out and there was her husband Roy, lying in the barberry bushes unable to get up even with Virginia's help. We each grabbed an arm and pulled him up. He was mortified, very embarrassed, but when I told him it had been a long time since I picked a man up, he cracked up and hugged me. Roy died not long after that, but I got a wonderful letter from him before so, thanking me for being his neighbor and that he wished I was his daughter. I know they were grateful for my help over the years, but never as grateful as I was when I read that letter and for the privileged of being their neighbor.

OMG. We're going soft here, Wirecutter. Back to the guns and ammo and how 'bout a Gotta Be California post or two?

orbitup said...

I have a great relationship with my retired neighbors on one side. The husband has had a stroke I think (I haven't asked but that's what I assume from his mental function) and they know I am here for anything they need. I help them out on occasion and get a lemon supreme cake (my fav) about once a month. Great neighbors!

wirecutter said...

Damn Deb. What happened to us? Maybe it's because we see ourselves further down the road. Or maybe the promise of being remembered in their will? If all you got was a nice letter, I'm leaving Jeannie to pick her own ass up next time.

Orbitup, you get free food? Fuck, maybe I should drop a hint to Jeannie. By the way, I love your avitar. It kicks ASS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's an absolutely number 1, top shelf, bestest read my friend. Thankyou.