Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Scott, folks.

Scott is a fashion nut as you can tell by his hat.
When we were working together (not literally, Scott doesn't put a whole lot of effort into that) a week or so ago, I got this picture of him in his taco-holder.
"Hey man, don't post my picture on Facebook. My wife will have a fit when she sees my lip full of Copenhagen."
She'll be upset over his chewing but not about him wearing that stupid fucking hat in public?

A couple of months ago he was popping pain pills for his shoulder. As soon as they started taking effect, he'd make stupid-ass mistakes and disappear for an hour at a time. He swear they didn't affect him at all, just help with the pain, then he'd wander off and go stare into a trash can for the next 15 minutes or so.


Bella said...

I worked in a warehouse just like this for over 20 years Wirecutter. Brings back some fond memories, and some not. I think maybe that there is a Scott in everyone of these warehouses? We'll have to swap some "stupid" stories one day. The taco-holder made me laugh.

wirecutter said...

We've only got one Scott, but we're lousy with Pedros, Jorges and Joses.