Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thoughts on the Health Care Bill

I've been watching the Health Care deal on Fox News since I got up this morning and from what I can see, it's not looking good.
The Obamessiah got a few more votes by signing or promising to sign an Executive Order against using federal money to fund abortions.

Yesterday I was watching Fox News and saw one of the little headlines that run across the bottom of the screen: "Pelosi urges Dems to sacrifice their careers and vote for the Health Bill."
Yeah, easy for her to say. She's already advanced as far as she's ever gonna go.

I wonder if there's a hidden clause in the bill to provide for free facelifts for life for Pelosi. I swear, if she gets another facelift she could wear her ass as a hat.

Okay. If this passes, I can doubledamn guarantee you that the Republicans will have control of the House and Senate for many years to come. And The Chosen One will be back working for ACORN because that's the only fucking job he'll be able to find.

But no matter what happens, this has been a good thing in that it has woken up the American People, pissed them off, and showed that they're not happy with the way Big Brother is trying to take control of their lives.
But what I'm wondering is once this is over, are they going to go back to sleep?


FLYNAVY said...

Not a fan of the health bill under vote in the US Congress tonight but if it passes, President Obama is guaranteed re-election. Who do you think those 35 Million that don't have free health care now r gonna vote for? & they're the same 1's that got their mortgages waived so they could keep a roof over their heads. I'd get ready for a 50% tax rate if I were u....& maybe brush up on my Chinese.

orbitup said...

I'm worried that people will forget too, unless this "doc fix" thing has to be voted on before November. I also think we may found out about some of the tactics used to get votes for this later in the year.

JeffH said...

I hate to say it, but we Americans are a bunch lazy asses, and most will probably go back to sleep when this is all said and done.

What I'm really afraid of is what is actually in the bill. Unfortunately we won't find out until it is passed.