Monday, March 08, 2010

What, me worry?

You kept asking for guns, so I decided to get them all together for you. Us Kommiefornians gotta stick together.

I figured I'd set them up in front of the earthquake closet. Took a little bit, and it's actually the first time I've had them all in one place. I just kind of stared at them and thought, "Yep. I've got a problem." But some problems you don't mind so much.

Top row, left to right; Enfield MK1, Savage 10FP, Walther G22, Stag AR (Cali-neutered, pinned 10rd mag), AK clone (Cali-neutered, no pistol grip), M39 Mosin (antique, shipped through the mail), Garand
Bottom row, top left to bottom right; 10/22 (with tech sights), Mix'n'match AR (Cali-neutered, funny grip), Mosin 91/59, Winchester 1912, Chicom SKS (beat to hell, runs great), Ruger GP100 (heavy and smooth), Browning Buckmark, XD-9, S&W 442, Springer 1911, Benelli Nova, Eastfield 12ga

Thanks T. Nice collection you got there.
Sorry it took so long to post this but for some reason your email ended up in my Fuck Obama folder instead of my Inbox. Which is only fitting, I guess...

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Bushwack said...

Nice collection, I got the chicom sks, 9mm S&W sig, 40S&W Sig will have the springfield 40 by this time next month, a Mossburg peacekeeper and a few assorted rifles...Yep all most all are cali neutered...I do have a line on a few items that will test the laws a em and feed rocks...