Sunday, March 21, 2010

What N-word?

N-word hurled at Black lawmakers?

March 20th, 2010
Posted by Robert

Really? I wasn’t there so I’ve been digging around looking for some audio proof. I truly don’t doubt that there were some idiots among the crowd that will use the event to prove their idiocy. However; I also know the liberpuke media is prone to make up “Events” as they see fit to promote their cause. MSNBC, NBC, ABC and the like have never failed to make up a story if it helps the socialist cause.

Now if this was the incident in question, the proof is clearly audible. NO N-Word heard. That being said, I have met first hand the kind of morons that show up for events like this. When we traveled to DC for the first GOE, there was one idiot in particular that stood out from the crowd. He had a bull horn shouting about “Wetbacks” and “Ragheads” he had about 4 folks around him egging him on. MOST of us either told him to shut the Fk up, or ignored him, however; the media and liberpukes made him the centerpiece of the day.

Folks at rally’s like this can take a couple of actions to limit the idiots exposure to the media. The first one is simple: Move their ass out of your side of the argument. This is very difficult to do in the heat of the day, emotions are high and when you start moving folks out of your area, it tends to lend fuel to the other side. The best thing to do is distance yourself from the idiot. Make them ALONE, make a clear distinction between our side and the idiots. Use the PD to do it if you have to, but do not let the morons corrupt your rally by giving the media a focal point that is not your message.

Anyway, the N-Word was NOT used, I’m trying to find the audio of someone calling Barney Frank a “Faggot” I haven’t found it yet..

The Tea party is made up of hard working Americans for the most part, and just like the liberpukes of ANSWER, and La-RAZA, we got our share of morons that creep in. The difference is the MSM doesn’t focus on the liberpuke idiots, they are “Fair and Balanced” and only pick the folks that can state the cause eloquently, but when the tea party gets some air time, the media seem to single out the folks missing the most teeth, and wearing the flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off… Not that that’s a bad thing but image is everything.

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