Friday, April 09, 2010

Ain't skeered

Got a call from Mom yesterday right at quitting time telling me that Uncle Ed (Pop's baby brother) was having emergency heart surgery today. I guess he was supposed to have a stent put in but when he saw his doc for the pre-op, he was told that they had just upped the ante and hospitalized him immediately.
I took the day off today to do the waiting game with the family at the hospital - my favorite thing to do, sitting in a little cold-ass waiting room with a bunch of motherfuckers that don't like me any more than I like them.
But Ed had his bypass and came through just fine. And nobody shot anybody in the waiting room.

I got up this morning and got to thinking that Pops had a quadruple bypass a couple of years back when he was 67 and Ed's having the same thing done at 60. It appears that heart disease runs in the family, wouldn't you think?
What the fuck am I going to do?
I'll tell you what I did. I fried up a pound of bacon, a couple of eggs in bacon grease, fried some potatoes and had me a hell of a breakfast. Then I tucked a chew in and went to the cardiac ward.
Can't scare me, motherfuckers.


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Dude, there is a stent with your name on it if you keep it up~! Just kidding because I would have fried up sausage and added cheese to the eggs and I wish to god I knew how to make sausage gravy.

Glad the uncle is doing well.

YOLO said...

Ken, Ken, Ken

cou9ar said...

Dude, ya make laugh

cou9ar said...


wirecutter said...

Glad I can brighten up your day, cou9ar. Life is a bitch, but there's no reason to let it bring you down.

YOLO, What the fuck did you expect from me?

Happy Hour, Cheese.... If I open up cheese, CharlieGoddamit will attack.

Skip said...

Now THAT is a good 'ol Okie brekfas!
Both my parents kicked with pump problems and I invented dirt.
Smoke too much, drink too much, bad hours, fuck it. There was a lot a folks would'a bet I would not make 30.
Inna morning I'll have a Okie brekfas, check out the Fresno Tea Party and go to the range.
After I clean the guns, reload 'em, stash 'em in thier hidyholes I'll have a sammich and drown it with Makers Mark.
Is this a great country or what? Fuck Obama.

wirecutter said...

You're fucked up, huh Skip?

Skip said...

Yer damn straight!
Said a prayer for your unca Ed. Everything will come out cool.
Bless you and yours Ken.

longrooffan said...

My Dad's dad died of a heart attack at 43, his brother died of the same at 36. My ornery ole man lived to be 79 and enjoyed every minute of it. Celebrate Life my man, Celebrate Life.