Friday, April 02, 2010

Coyote hunting (not shooting)

Well, we got out there and set up about an hour before dusk, about a hundred yards from the treeline bordering the creek.
While heading out to our spot, we were checking the tracks that were all over the place. They were plentiful, they were huge, and there was a nice spread in the stride.
Once we got set up, I commenced to calling and...... nothing. Not a fucking thing. I could make excuses like the wind swirling our scent along the creek, moonrise not being until 12:30 AM, gunfire a quarter mile off, I got Copenhagen in my call, but the fact is that they would only be excuses. I just couldn't call them up.
I'll be back another day.


Rock&Roll said...

A HONEST hunter, I never knew there was such a thing!...

Skip said...

Fuckers are sharper than man.
It is either looong range or night shooting with expensive optics.
Worse than hogs.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I'm going out again tonight with my 22-250 AND a shotgun.