Sunday, April 18, 2010

For Paul from Texas

Getting back to the unemployment rate in my county:
Our rate tradionally drops in the summer and fall when the crops come in and everybody thinks this a big thing.
It ain't. Once the crops are in and the canneries close it's right back where it was before. And it's getting worse.
NI Industries (Riverbank Army Ammuntion Plant) was an employer that had 300 people on it's payroll but closed to bad management, cuts in defense spending and refusal to upgrade their equipment. I worked there for 10 years before they laid me off 20 years ago. They close for good this year.
Hershey's Chocolate in Oakdale closed when they moved their operations to Mexico.
NUUMI (made body parts for Toyota pickups) closed when they relocated, putting thousands of employees and sub-contractors out of work.
It seems like we've quit being a manufacturing nation and became a nation of servicing. All of our major industries have been outsourced to other countries.
Even the canneries that kept my area employed for 9 months out of the year have cut back to 3 months or less.
What in the fuck is the Obamessiah doing about this shit?


Dan O. said...

"What in the fuck is the Obamessiah doing about this shit? "

Why, he's making all of us who still have jobs pay for the health insurance for all those who don't, never did, and some who never will, have jobs.

Oh, that and disarming our nuclear arsenal, so the world will not feel threatened by us.

And starting next year, he'll start running for re-election.

Anonymous said...

obama is doing nothing and will do nothing to make the climate better for job creation. He is out to destroy America. He will give lots of lip service to job creation and make a few more of his scripted speaches but the bottom line is more taxes will cause more business to leave the country and operate from countries like Ireland which have a much better business climate.
Even his claim of 2.5 million jobs saved or created is nonsence and a little simple math bears this out. Central planning in DC will never work in a country as large and diverse as ours.
Let us all hope we get rid of this liar and America hater in 2012 and undo everything he has done to harm our country.
The four examples you gave are right on the money but DC dosn't know that and never will or even can. Hell I live in Texas and we are doing better that most states but here we have problems finding work also.
Paul in Texas