Friday, April 02, 2010

Say what????

This idiot talks about a island tipping over just past the 1 min. mark. Very sad and don't forget that he votes and shoved health care up our ass. Makes one want to cry.


orbitup said...

I love the reply "We don't anticipate that." You can tell this guy is used to answering bullshit questions from lawmakers.

If this was a Republican, it would be all over the mainstream media.

Hog Whitman said...

I can accept the 'metaphor' explanation he gave, even though he couldn't resist calling everybody who didn't 'get it' stupid. What nobody seems to mention, however, is that this guy was obviously high on the job.

I mean that dude was gowed back, drunk, stoned, or possibly all three. He was struggling to find simple adjectives, nouns, you name it. If YOU got pulled over by a cop and were acting like this guy was, what do you suppose would be the first question out of the cop's mouth?

Skip said...

Nigger gots Hep C and under his meds, least thats his excuse.
Shredders in his district put him in we gotta live with it.
Like we do with Pelosi and Boxer.