Friday, May 07, 2010


Well, my Grandpa Bud has  been feeling poorly lately so he went to his heart doctor last week only to find out that the stent they put in last January has already clogged up, with all of his arteries clogged up 99 per cent.
I swear, that motherfucker must be pumping pure cholesterol through his veins.
Anyways, when Doc McMillan told him there was nothing he could do because of the 3 previous bypasses, scar tissues and age, Bud looked up and grinned.
Mama asked if he was okay and Bud said "Yeah,I can eat me a bacon and egg breakfast finally."
Fucking A, Old Man.
Fuck Death.


Stevie Foodstamps said...

Hope your grandpa fares well.

Sounds an awful lot like my grandpa.

Scott McCray said...

H/T to Grandpa Bud - you do it on your terms, sir!


Yolo said...

may he give 'em hell to the end!

Deb said...

Quality of life is far more important than longevity. Make a nice big fat bacon and egg sandwich, throw some cheese on there too, stick a Lipitor in it and you're good.

PS - my word verification is "mewies". Damned wussy cats are taking over the world.

Lula said...

That sucks, sorry to hear it.