Sunday, May 02, 2010

In defense of the dog...

See the post below.
In defense of the dog, I was smoking some pig meat and I keep my wood chips and charcoal in the garage and I'm too fucking lazy to keep opening and shutting the garage door.
So while I'm kicking back in the house watching Predator Quest, CHARLIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!! went into the garage, pulled my waders off the hanger and decided they were a giant chew toy.
I'm still gonna shoot that sonofabitch tomorrow when everybody in the neighborhood is at work and nobody's around to report the gunfire.


Stevie Foodstamps said...

Where'd you get the pig meat? Do you have problems in Kommiefornia like we do in Texas with wild pigs?

I'm in New Mexico right now, but the last time I was in Texas, my cousin killed a 400 lb boar hog that we thought would be rank, but was quite tasty. Sausage, jerky, all that. First bite I got was a bit of the back strap right off the pit. Good stuff!

wirecutter said...

My pig meat was donated by Kousin Karl.

Serious problems in Kalifornia with pigs but the landowners realized they were into a goldmine and started charging for hunts.
The end result was we quit hunting and now the coastal landowners are now being overrun.
It won't be but a few years until they're as bad off as you Texans.

elizabeth said...

You are not seriously going to kill charlie Goddammit?Are you???

Skip said...

Had Lab pup chew off the tip of a very expensive fly rod.
Came this close...