Sunday, May 30, 2010


   My latest in a very long list of pet peeves is the term "I misspoke".
   You didn't misspeak, motherfucker. You flat-out fucking LIED.
   The first time I heard the term was when Hillary was talking about her landing in Kosivo or wherever the fuck it was, when her and that ugly-ass kid of hers and Bill landed under alleged mortar fire. The video came out later and showed her and Dogface walking off the plane, smiling and waving instead of ducking and running like she originally said.
   The latest one was the motherfucking politician saying he was a Viet Nam vet. He came out ONLY after he was busted and said he "misspoke".
   You didn't misspeak, You lied.
   You lied. Do I need to say it again?
   Had I told Pops when I was a youngster that I had "misspoke" instead of owning up to my lie, I would've gotten my ass beat 3 times. Once for not telling the truth, the second time for playing bullshit games and the third time for being a fucking smartass.
   Okay, I'm done.